Watch “President Trump works as a Waiter at his own Hotel” on YouTube

Trump works hard, too. Perfect.

20161127-0005. Sweet! But I sensed his strength is more in line with decision making than hands on, which should inspire American workers not to fear the least desirable jobs.

He carried luggages, walked the dog, and serve meals. Then he made the bed, vacuum up the [flint], and clean the sink, too!

Born Again Blog!

Behold! flynnsblogs is resurrected!

Greetings! It’s 11:12 pm.

At 10:56 pm, ‘Naoko’ helped to resurrect my VERY first weblog ‘’.

I had renamed ‘flynnsblogs’ and purchased a site re-direct to ‘thebloggingpath’, which is deleted and no longer available.

And so I may just start anew here, keeping in tune with my rants; while ‘flynnspaws’ remains true to the daily prompts.


Flynn B.


P.S. I only have one page called ‘About’. It combines shortcodes to Gravatar, Contact-Form, and Blog-Subscription.